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Related post: . cm Plate XXI. Maytenus buchananii (Loes.) Wilczek A. Flowering branch B. Fruiting branch C. Flower D. Fruit Bar scale 2 cm 2 cm 5 mm Order Amoxil 2 mm - 140 - MAP 21 - Geographic distribution of Maytenus buchananii - 141 ~ 1. BOTANICAL NAME: Mitragyna ledermannii (K. Krause) Ridsd. SYNONYMS: Adina ledermannii K. Krause Mitragyna ciliata Aubrev. & Pellgr. Amoxil Price FAMILY: Rubiaceae COMMON NAMES: Abura (Oruba), Uburu (Ibo), Eben (Bini), Uwen (Afik), Subaha (Wassaw, Twi), Baya (Mzima). 2. ECOLOGY AND DISTRIBUTION Mitragyna ledermannii is a Antibiotics Amoxil characteristic tree of fresh water swamps where it is often gregarious, also common in narrow fringing belts along streams in high forest areas, grass plains and in low lying swampy areas of deciduous and evergreen rain Amoxil Antibiotic forests. It has been found in swampy areas at Amoxil Buy Online high altitudes e.g. at 500m at Udi Plateau in Nigeria and at 600m at Vane in Ghana. It is also present along riverine forests within the savanna. Quite often it is in pure communities with associates such as Gi Ibert Buy Cheap Amoxil iodendron, Randia lane-poolei , Symphonia globulifera and Raphia vinifera. It has been observed to regenerate freely on abandoned rice farms. It is a light demander. Growth is rapid and an annual height of 0.6 to 1m is not uncommon. Propagation also occurs vegetatively . Fresh water conditions are essential for its regeneration and subsequent growth. It grows best in humid areas where the rainfall is over 1250mm per annum and the o Amoxil 250mg o temperature between 25 C and 35 C although it will also grow Amoxil Order in fresh water swamps outside these ranges. It does not cause swamps to dry up. It occurs in the coastal regions of West Africa, in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Zaire, Congo Republic and Angola (see distribution map). 3. DESCRIPTION A medium to large evergreen tree 24-30(-45)m high, 0. 7-0.9(-l ,2)m in diameter, rarely buttressed, root spurs up to 1m Amoxil 250 Mg high sometimes present, occasionally pneumatophores; bark greyish brown with flat, thin scales; slash cream-yellow with pinkish under layer which turns brown on exposure, thick and fibrous; bole straight, cylindrical and clear of branches for up to 21m or more; crown small, compact, irregular. Leaves large, simple, opposite, petiolate with large, conspicuous inter- petiolate stipules; petiole Amoxil 400mg 1.5-4cm long, Price Of Amoxil stipules ovate-elliptic to obovate, 4-10cm long, 3-7cm wide, tomentose; blade broadly elliptic Amoxil Syrup to suborbicular , 10-65cm long, 8-44cm wide, apex rounded or obtuse, base truncate to cuneate, margins slightly undulate, medium green above, paler below, glabrous except for tuft of hairs in the leaf axils; midrib and 7-12 pairs of lateral nerves prominent below. Inf lorescence axillary or terminal, lax cymes of dense globose flower heads up to 2cm in diameter borne on pedicels 2-7cm long; flowers white, hermaphrodite, 5-7 merous, each flower surrounded by up to about 15 wedge-shaped bracts about 4mm long, bracts Amoxil 400 Mg ciliate at Amoxil Antibiotics the apex. Fruiting heads Amoxil Tablets up to 2.3cm in diameter with numerous Amoxil Tablet amphora-shaped capsules 5 -8mm long; seeds numerous, 1.5mm long, flat, slightly winged. Flowering period is between February and March and fruiting in June and July. 4. ESTABLISHED MODERN PHARMACEUTICAL USES Kitragyna ledermannii and M. st ipulosa have similar uses and in the Ivory Coast both are used as febrifuges. Purchase Amoxil Online The physiological action of M. ledermannii is due the the alkaloids, such as mitrinermine, mitraphylline and mitraversine which have a local anaesthetic action, are poisonous to paramecia, cause lower arterial pressure, increase cardiac rhythm and cause considerable disturbance in the autonomous lymphatic cells of the intestine, (Kerharo and Bouquet, 1950). It is likely to find its way into European therapeutics. According to Raymond Hamlet (1953) and Raymond Hamlet and Millat (1934) mitraphylline is hypotensive and depressant. Other reports on some alkaloids isolated from Mitragyna ledermannii are as follows: Rynchophylline possesses antipyretic properties (Perrot e_t aj. . , 1930) and is hypotensive, while Mitragynine has been shown to be a protozoal poison (Grewal, 1932) and to exert a depressant effect. Mitragynine is also said to have analgesic properties Buy Generic Amoxil equivalent to Amoxil 400 those of Codein but without any of its side-effects (Sheliard, 1970). Various parts of the plant are claimed to be effective in the treatment of numerous ailments including gastro-intestinal disorders, gonorrhoea, fever, rheumatism, etc. (Dr. Amoxil Capsule K. Sarpong (1975). 5. FOLK MEDICINAL USES
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